Good Night George Snoory! Hello John B. Wells!

Well for some reason Coast to Coast AM (C2C), has found it fit to give John B. Wells his walking papers, by releasing a statement that they have decided to go in a “different direction”.  We know what a “different direction” means don’t we?  I take it that John B. just didn’t fit in with the plastic, and politically correct infomercial known as Coast to Coast.

With Art Bell gone to the radio grave after his failed return with his new program, I all but lost hope, but alas!! We still had the awesome voice and no b.s. interview style of John B. Wells on Coast to Coast AM. Continue reading

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“Elaborate Hoax”

I came across the following article tonight about Roger Ebert, and what he said before he died to his wife.  Here is the link, and the excerpt.

“The one thing people might be surprised about—Roger said that he didn’t know if he could believe in God. He had his doubts. But toward the end, something really interesting happened. That week before Roger passed away, I would see him and he would talk about having visited this other place. I thought he was hallucinating. I thought they were giving him too much medication. But the day before he passed away, he wrote me a note: “This is all an elaborate hoax.” I asked him, “What’s a hoax?” And he was talking about this world, this place. He said it was all an illusion. I thought he was just confused. But he was not confused. He wasn’t visiting heaven, not the way we think of heaven. He described it as a vastness that you can’t even imagine. It was a place where the past, present, and future were happening all at once.” Continue reading


Global Warming, Chemtrails, and Man-Bear-Pig

Global warming and chemtrails are the main topic of today’s post, but first I want you to sit back and watch the following video.  Please pay close attention to what is being said.  It should be very apparent if you watch it with a clear mind.

So what did you think?

What I heard from the man who claims to have invented the internet (wrong), is that chemtrails exist.  He also attempted a slick politician psych job on the audience, by placing homophobes and racists in the same sentence as those who don’t agree that global warming is happening.  According to Al Gore; you’re a racist or a homophobe if you don’t follow the party line on global warming.  This is exactly what he means when he said “winning the conversation”, and went on to recall a racist incident he experienced, and a homophobic one he “heard” about happing in a pizza place. Continue reading

Conspiracy Theory 101 and the Debunker

I’ve been playing in the land of conspiracy theory for well over 12 years now, and I’ve also read and eagerly listened even longer to the stories from the world of the paranormal.  I’ve been treated to fantastic and harrowing reports of UFO abduction, and frightening ghost stories.  Unfortunately, more than half of the time I’ve been let down, because roughly only 10% of them have had something credible to research or to further share.  The other 90% of the time the law of Occam’s Razor could have easily been applied, especially with poorly researched conspiracy “theory” or claims.  Continue reading

Website Changes…WordPress Twenty Fourteen

If you’re a regular reader of News Monkey, you’ll notice the website looks a whole lot different right now, and that’s because I’m using the new WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme. I couldn’t resist the new design from the talented folks over at WordPress, so I decided to replace my old theme.  I’m having the old News Monkey banner re-worked at the moment for the new year, and I’m tinkering around with the 2014 code myself to see how it works, and customize it for the site.

It’s a very beautiful theme in my opinion, and a big jump from the old offerings from WordPress.   It also works great on all mobile devices. Okay that’s all for now.

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