A 2014 ma of the Ebola outbreak in Africa

CDC Confirms first case of Ebola in Dallas

I’m sure you’ve heard by now the CDC has confirmed the first case of Ebola in the Dallas Fort-worth area.  It was only a matter of time before this happened, especially the careless way the Obama administration has been dealt with the outbreak in Africa, and the safety of the continental United States.  They have been playing with fire, and at times appears as though they wanted someone to bring the virus back.  Don’t forget infected patients were brought back to the United States earlier when the outbreak was first making traction in the main stream media.

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ISIS attack +1

We’re one day into the US bombing of ISIS, and there is not much to tell other than what can be gathered from today’s headlines.  It appears this is going to be a long bombing campaign, and for the most part world condemnation has been very tame, even from Russian.

Reportedly Syria was not warned by the US prior to the airstrikes, but that really should come as no surprise.

I think we need to take a step back here for a moment, and look at what’s going on.  I realize there are many in the United States whom are very Gung ho about the bombings.  The far right republican on the street is even backing Obama on this one.  I understand.  They feel it’s the “right” thing to do.  These ISIS fellows are more demons than men anyway, and after all we’re the good guys, and the good guys should bomb and destroy the bad guys.  It makes us feel all warm and cozy on the inside.  The world makes sense.  Ahhhh…

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Obama and Baphomet

Why did the media use the Obama horn photo?

It may appear I’m being sensational with the Obama/Baphomet photo as my featured image, but my question remains a good one. There was much confusion in conspiracy land as to why most main stream media outlets ran with the ‘Obama Horn’ photo as their thumbnail to advertise his ISIS strategy speech.

Message boards and YouTube videos claimed the photo was “photo shopped”, and some even claimed a green screen was used because the background didn’t appear to match up with the video.  After further analysis, the photo was indeed taken from the President’s speech on 9/10.  In order to get the “horns” into view behind his head, the shot from the cameraman must have a came in at a very low angle.  Continue reading

Good Night George Snoory! Hello John B. Wells!

Well for some reason Coast to Coast AM (C2C), has found it fit to give John B. Wells his walking papers, by releasing a statement that they have decided to go in a “different direction”.  We know what a “different direction” means don’t we?  I take it that John B. just didn’t fit in with the plastic, and politically correct infomercial known as Coast to Coast.

With Art Bell gone to the radio grave after his failed return with his new program, I all but lost hope, but alas!! We still had the awesome voice and no b.s. interview style of John B. Wells on Coast to Coast AM. Continue reading

Meditator Chakra Matrix

“Elaborate Hoax”

I came across the following article tonight about Roger Ebert, and what he said before he died to his wife.  Here is the link, and the excerpt.

“The one thing people might be surprised about—Roger said that he didn’t know if he could believe in God. He had his doubts. But toward the end, something really interesting happened. That week before Roger passed away, I would see him and he would talk about having visited this other place. I thought he was hallucinating. I thought they were giving him too much medication. But the day before he passed away, he wrote me a note: “This is all an elaborate hoax.” I asked him, “What’s a hoax?” And he was talking about this world, this place. He said it was all an illusion. I thought he was just confused. But he was not confused. He wasn’t visiting heaven, not the way we think of heaven. He described it as a vastness that you can’t even imagine. It was a place where the past, present, and future were happening all at once.” Continue reading

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